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Character Bios

Doctor Dragon

Dr.Dragon is a recovering megalomaniac
with medical, psychology, engineering and advanced quantum mechanics degrees. He heads the House Of Hope. He has isolated a  quantum particle called Rainbonium and is studying it

Captain Starfish

Captain Starfish is a world weary veteran super hero who is so jaded and disgusted with himself and everything else that he has taken to drinking salt water (the source of his power, but also an intoxicant to him)

Mad Monk

Mad Monk is a conflicted soul. He has the spiritual essences of 41 ancient Kung Fu masters vying for control of him at all times. The only time they are not squabbling is when he is fighting, so he sees evil and injustice in all things and tends to respond a bit too enthusiastically
Nurse Robotica

Nurse Robotica is a powerhouse automaton built by Dr. Dragon to be able to subdue even the most powerful super hero or villain for the purpose of treatment. She dispenses pills, gives shots, draws blood (whether you like it or not) and gives maddeningly obtuse advice like “tight socks may lead to earlobe swelling” and “4 out of 5 dentists don't know who you are”
Miss Demeanor
Miss Demeanor is a pretty but spoiled debutante with kleptomania and no super power. She wants to dominate the world by “owning it, one diamond at a time”. Her little dog, King Pepe is another story.

King Pepe

King Pepe is secretly one of the most powerful superbeings on the planet and let's his owner, Miss Demeanor, believe she is super. He finds her a bit tiresome sometimes.

Frugal Llama of krell

TheFrugal Llama of Krell is a displaced alien of great prominence. He is worshipped on his home world where he is a genius. Here his IQ is equivalent to a point somewhere between that of a doorknob and a goldfish. He quotes from "The Book of Plastics". The repository of all useless knowledge.

Rock Starr

Rock Starr is the former lead singer of the metal band Megaplotz. He can shatter eardrums with his screeched falsetto. He has become convinced that his former groupies have formed a secret society bent on silencing him forever. Maybe even paranoid junkies have real enemies?


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